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Hajji Haruna Mubiru to Alien Skin “Tell Your Crew Members to Stop Beating People”



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Hajji Haruna Mubiru has urged Fangone Forest Entertainment boss and Singer Alien Skin to intervene and stop his crew members from engaging in physical altercations with others.

The plea comes after a recent incident at Mubiru’s H&H restaurant, where former Fangone singer Biswanka faced confrontation from Alien Skin’s crew regarding his criticisms of their boss.

Expressing frustration, Mubiru highlighted the inappropriateness of resorting to violence and emphasized that musicians should settle differences in the studio, not through physical altercations.

He further questioned the need for such behavior, noting that established artists have proven they can succeed without resorting to violence.

This incident adds to a pattern of disruptive behavior by Alien Skin’s crew, previously causing disturbances at Mesach Ssemakula’s Papaz Spot.

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