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I Sleep on the Streets – Hoozambe, the ‘Shifura’ Hit Maker Reveals



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Uganda’s newest sensation, D Star, has been lighting up the East African music scene with his hit song “Hozambee,” but behind the glitz and glamour lies a shocking truth – he’s still sleeping on the streets!

D Star, whose real name remains a mystery, rocketed to fame when “Hozambee” – also known as “Shifura” – blew up on TikTok. The infectious tune has millions of plays and countless fans dancing to its beat, turning D Star into an overnight celebrity. Even established artists like Mudra couldn’t resist jumping on the bandwagon, remixing the track and solidifying its anthem status in clubs across the region.

Despite his newfound fame, D Star remains rooted in the gritty reality of street life. In an eye-opening interview on Crux Xclusive, he revealed the harsh conditions he endures daily. “Even if I made it big, I wouldn’t forget my friends on the streets,” he confessed, his loyalty to his street comrades unshakeable.

Shockingly, D Star admitted he doesn’t rent an apartment or stay in fancy hotels – he still sleeps rough. “I am not renting anywhere; I sleep on the streets. Often we don’t even get the chance to sleep. We are always hustling. Life out here is really tough,” he said, shedding light on the struggles that continue to define his existence.

D Star’s unwavering commitment to his street family is both touching and tragic. “If I ever make it financially, I yearn to change the lives of my fellow street kids before I leave the street life to settle for a better life elsewhere,” he declared, emphasizing that true happiness for him comes from the bond he shares with his street brothers and sisters. “We always share the little we have. That, for me, is true happiness.”

This revelation adds a poignant twist to D Star’s rags-to-riches story. While he’s winning hearts and topping charts, he’s also a stark reminder of the resilience and loyalty found on the streets of Kampala. As “Hozambee” continues to soar, one can only hope that D Star’s fortunes will change, allowing him to uplift those who’ve stood by him through thick and thin.

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