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“I’m totally Fed Up With Helping People” – Mama Fiina Furiously Speaks Out



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Uganda’s renown head of local herbalists ,Syliva Namutebi alias Mama Fiina has expressed her anger with the people she help.

Over years ,Mama Fiina has been well renown for her big heart of extending helping hand to those in need, but according to new developments she will nolonger extend more support to them.

Speaking in her recent interview with one of local YouTuber, Mama Fiina said that she made decision of not extending further support to the people after receiving several abuses and disappointment from most of her beneficiaries.

She went to say that she have been helping people for more than 28 years but she got nothing out of it but instead she got insults.
She added that she nolonger want people flocking her home in Bulenga but only welcoming patients there not needy.

“Don’t cry to me anymore. Don’t call my phone. I have helped people for 28 years and gotten nothing out of it.I do not want to see anyone coming to my home in Bulenga; I only want patients there. Those of you call me and give me names like, “mother of the nation” “Mama Africa” and “angel, I am done with all of you. Let another Mama Fina come and take my place”,she said during You Tube interview.

Mama Fiina

Currently, she’s sponsoring the education of dozens of young boys and girls in primary and secondary schools as well as higher institutions of learning.

But starting next year, she said that she will not not be paying fees for any more learners.

“Those who are completing your studies this term, good for you, but the rest of you, next year I am sending you back to your parents,” she said.

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