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My Wife Attempted to Kill Me- Top Ugandan Comedian Narrates



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Maulana Kasozi, one half of the beloved comedy duo Maulana and Reign, has disclosed a harrowing incident involving his ex-wife, Betty. The comedian alleges that Betty had orchestrated a plan to poison both of them, leaving their three children behind. The shocking revelation comes amidst an ongoing custody battle and accusations of neglect.

Maulana shared the distressing details, claiming that his ex-wife, Betty, had devised a sinister plan to poison themselves, leaving their children orphaned. The motive behind such a shocking act remains unclear, as Maulana shed light on the troubling incident that ultimately led to their separation.

This isn’t the first time Maulana and his ex-wife have made headlines for issues surrounding their children. The couple had been in the media previously for neglecting their parental responsibilities. Betty reportedly took the matter to court, resulting in a directive for Maulana to contribute financially to the children’s well-being. However, according to Maulana, he complied for three months and then ceased his financial support.

In response to the accusations, Maulana took to social media to share his side of the story. He expressed disbelief at the allegations made against him, asserting that Betty is not fit to care for their children. Maulana claimed that he had attempted to seek help by taking Betty to the hospital and presenting documents to the Mengo court, but his pleas fell on deaf ears.

Maulana’s frustration and plea for understanding were evident in his social media post: “Assalam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu. I am Maulana Kasozi. I have been accused by my ex-wife of not taking responsibility for my wife. But the woman you’re accusing is not human. She had planned to harm us, but I took her to the hospital Lubaga, then referred to Butabika. Yet, when I went to Mengo court, they never listened to me or any of my documents. I wouldn’t have posted this, but I feel compelled to speak my truth.”

The shocking revelation has ignited a wave of public concern and discussion, with fans expressing both sympathy and disbelief. Many are urging a thorough investigation into Maulana’s claims, while others are divided on the credibility of the accusations.

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