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Nobert Mao Introduced by Beatrice Kayanja in Covert Kukyala Function- See All the Shocking Details About Minister’s New Wife



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In a hush-hush affair that unfolded on Saturday, February 25, 2024, Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister Nobert Mao was introduced by his hugger-mugger lover Beatrice Kayanja in a covert Kukyala function. The clandestine event, attended by Chief Justice Alfonse Chigamoy Owiny-Dollo and other eminent figures from the government and the Democratic Party, was a discreet yet significant affair.

Beatrice, a Disporian and the Research Assistant of the Democratic Party (DP), returned to Uganda in 2020 with ambitions of vying for the Kampala Capital City Authority Lord Mayorship. However, her aspirations were thwarted when the Electoral Commission barred her from the race, citing failure to meet the necessary requirements.

Speculations had been rife about her romantic involvement with the Democratic Party President General Nobert Mao. These whispers gained traction when her then-husband, Martin Kayanja, openly accused her of becoming too intimate with Mao, particularly given his single status following the dissolution of his 16-year marriage to Naomi Achieng Adong by the High Court (Family Division) in 2019. Justice Godfrey Namundi’s verdict, delivered on May 27, 2019, came after Achieng’s petition citing cruelty and desertion. Mao, who had three children with Achieng after their civil marriage on August 8, 2003, had been absent for a significant period.

Originally aligned with the NRM, Beatrice, also known as Bae Kay, sought endorsements for mayorship from various political factions, including People Power (now NUP), before finding her footing in the Democratic Party, where she swiftly garnered support.

The swift endorsement and her burgeoning closeness to Mao seemed to have deeply affected Mr. Kayanja.

Beatrice Files for Divorce

Two years prior to the clandestine introduction ceremony, Beatrice Kayanja, the woman embroiled in the controversy surrounding the Democratic Party leader, had petitioned the High Court Family Division to dissolve her marriage to her longtime UK-based husband, Martin Kayanja, the father of her children.

Under case HCT-00-FD-DC-0021-2021, Beatrice filed for divorce, and the case was assigned to Lady Justice Ketra Katunguka Kitarisibwa.

Insiders revealed that attempts at reconciliation by their relatives proved futile as the relationship encountered insurmountable challenges.

Notably, the previous year saw Mr. Kayanja taking to widely circulated social media platforms, making a string of allegations against his wife, suspicions of infidelity among them.

In a heartfelt plea from his London, UK residence, Kayanja accused a prominent politician of contributing to the breakdown of their marriage. He urged the politician, referring to Mao, to seek companionship elsewhere and allow his wife space to decide.

Kayanja disclosed that his wife had traveled to Uganda on a business visit in March 2020 and had since declined to return to London, where their family resided. In the emotional video, he beseeched his wife to honor their marital vows and return home.

Beatrice, an IT engineer educated at the University of Westminster in the United Kingdom, had lived there with her family until early 2020, when she made the decision to return to Uganda.

Her bid for the Kampala Lord Mayor seat in the 2021 general elections faced a hurdle when the Electoral Commission barred her due to the inability to present valid citizenship credentials. The events leading up to and following this covert Kukyala function painted a tumultuous yet intriguing picture of the lives of these prominent figures in Ugandan politics.

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