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The Hidden Truth Behind Jose Chameleone’s Refusal to Recongnize Bobi Wine’s Presence at King Saha’s Concert



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On December 8, 2023, the vibrant atmosphere at Hotel Africana in Kampala set the stage for King Saha’s successful ‘Ebiseera Ebyo’ Concert.

Amid the crowd’s exhilaration, an unexpected undertone lingered beneath the surface. The legendary Jose Chameleone took the spotlight, and cheers erupted to a crescendo.

However, a peculiar moment unfolded when Chameleone, amidst the charisma, failed to acknowledge the presence of fellow musician and political figure Bobi Wine until he stepped off the stage, who was seated in the VIP section together with his crew.

While other artists onstage recognized and praised Bobi Wine, Chameleone’s apparent distance from his longtime acquaintance fueled speculation.

Bobi Wine, who had earlier promised his attendance after a meeting with King Saha, received daily invitations to support the “Pretty Pretty” singer.

Whispers spread through the audience like wildfire, eyes darting between the stage and Bobi Wine. Why did Chameleone choose this moment to distance himself?

The answer lay in a web of personal and political complexities.Reports suggested that Chameleone’s reluctance stemmed from Bobi Wine’s denial of NUP’s ticket during his Lord Mayoral aspirations

Chameleone, having been denied the opportunity, openly mocked the self-styled Ghetto Gladiator and those around him for not supporting his political ambitions.

This difference created a rift, sparking tensions among their respective fan bases, especially on social media, where many began to believe that the two were sworn enemies unlikely to share good moments again.

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