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Zari Hassan Ttale, born Zarinah Hassan on September 23, 1980, is a Ugandan-born South African businesswoman, socialite, and media personality. Renowned for her elegance, entrepreneurial ventures, and prominent presence in the entertainment industry, Zari has become a significant figure in African pop culture.

Early Life and Background

Zari was born and raised in Jinja, Uganda. Her early life laid the foundation for her later endeavors, and she developed a keen sense of business acumen from an early age. Zari’s journey into the public eye began when she won the Miss Indian Ocean pageant in 2006, providing her with a platform to explore her potential in the limelight.

Family Life

Zari Hassan has been married twice, and her high-profile relationships have often been in the public eye. She was initially married to Ivan Ssemwanga, a wealthy businessman, with whom she had three sons—Pinto, Raphael, and Quincy.

Zari and late husband Ivan Ssemwanga

After her marriage with Ivan ended, Zari later entered a relationship with Tanzanian musician Diamond Platnumz, with whom she shares two children, Latiffah and Nillan. Despite the public attention surrounding her personal life, Zari has navigated challenges with resilience.

Zari Hassan Ttale with her children

Musical Career and Discography

Zari Hassan’s foray into music includes notable tracks such as “Jukila,” “Kangume,” and “Hotter Than Them.” Her musical journey reflects her passion for creative expression and has contributed to her multifaceted public image.

Net Worth and Heritage

With an estimated net worth of US$8.8 million, Zari Hassan’s financial success is attributed to her diverse endeavors, including her share of her late husband’s estate. Raised in Uganda within a family of mixed heritage, she has roots in Indian, Ugandan, and Burundian ancestry.

Education and Early Achievements

Zari Hassan completed her secondary education at Jinja Girls High School, where she excelled in music, drama, and dance. Her talent earned her recognition as the best actress for two consecutive years. Following high school, she moved to Kampala, where she capitalized on her musical skills by performing karaoke in various venues, laying the foundation for her entertainment career.

Zari and ex-husband Diamond Platnumz


Zari’s entrepreneurial spirit is a cornerstone of her identity. She has ventured into various business domains, including establishing her own cosmetics line, Zari Beauty, which features a range of beauty products. Additionally, she has delved into the fashion industry, creating her clothing line and boutique.

Social Media Influence

Zari’s social media presence is formidable, with a substantial following on platforms like Instagram. She utilizes these platforms to share insights into her life, fashion, and business ventures, establishing herself as a prominent influencer.


Beyond her business and entertainment endeavors, Zari is also involved in philanthropy. She has engaged in various charitable initiatives, contributing to causes that support education and healthcare in Uganda and other African countries.

Media Personality

Zari’s prominence as a media personality has grown through her appearances on reality TV shows, interviews, and her active engagement on social media. Her lifestyle and experiences continue to captivate audiences across Africa.

Zari Hassan’s life journey is a testament to her resilience, business savvy, and multifaceted talents. Whether as an entrepreneur, socialite, or media personality, she continues to make a significant impact on the African entertainment scene, solidifying her status as a notable figure in contemporary African pop culture.

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