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20 Cheap Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day in Uganda that will Cost You Less than Ugx100k



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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and while it’s a time to celebrate love, it doesn’t have to break the bank. Whether you’re a couple on a budget or simply looking for creative and affordable ways to spend quality time together, Uganda offers plenty of options. From cultural experiences to outdoor adventures, here are 20 cheap date ideas for Valentine’s Day that cost less than Ugx100k.

  1. Uganda Museum Visit: Explore Uganda’s rich cultural heritage with a visit to the Uganda Museum. Admission is affordable, making it a great option for a budget-friendly date.
  2. Picnic at The Picnic Place UG: Enjoy a romantic picnic at The Picnic Place UG, where you can bring your own food and enjoy the beautiful surroundings for just 23k per person.
  3. Salsa Classes at Banana Bar/The Villa: Get your groove on with salsa classes at Banana Bar or The Villa for only 30k per person. It’s a fun and energetic way to bond with your partner.
  4. Ballroom Dance Classes at Bativa Hotel: Channel your inner Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers with ballroom dance classes at Bativa Hotel for just 13k per person.
  5. Outdoor Movie Cinema: Create your own outdoor movie experience by renting a projector and planning a movie night under the stars. Silento Cinema on Tubayo offers options for just 13k per person.
  6. Art Class: Unleash your creativity with an art class at one of Uganda’s galleries, with prices ranging from 20-40k per person. For those in Mukono, The Art Chill offers a fantastic option.
  7. Archery at Kitante: Test your aim and have some adrenaline-pumping fun with archery at Kitante for 50k per person.
  8. Shooting Range in Nakawa: Experience the thrill of shooting at the range in Nakawa for just 20k per person.
  9. Boxing Classes: Get fit together with boxing classes priced between 15-30k per person.
  10. Kabaka Royal Mile Walk/ Palace Tour: Explore the rich history of Uganda with a walk along the Kabaka Royal Mile or a tour of the palace. While the cost isn’t certain, it’s sure to be an affordable and educational experience.
  11. Gadaffi Mosque Tour: Discover the architectural beauty of Gadaffi Mosque with a tour coupled with the Kabaka Mile walk for just 5k per person.
  12. Scenic Walk in Muyenga/Buziga: Enjoy a leisurely stroll in Muyenga or Buziga, where you can take in beautiful views and enjoy some quality time together.
  13. Art Gallery Visit: Explore the vibrant art scene in Kamokya with a visit to one of the many galleries. For a small additional fee, you can even paint your own masterpiece.
  14. Wine Tasting at The Wine Library: Indulge in a wine tasting experience at The Wine Library for just 45-55k for a group of 8 or more.
  15. Casino Date: Take a chance on love with a casino date, where you can enjoy some gaming excitement without breaking the bank.
  16. Swimming/Gym/Dance Class: Stay active together with activities like swimming, hitting the gym, or taking a dance class.
  17. Rock Climbing at the Quarry: Challenge yourselves with rock climbing at the quarry for just 20k per person.
  18. Sunny Outdoor Hikes and Events: Embrace the great outdoors with sunny hikes and outdoor events that won’t cost you a fortune.
  19. Game Night: Stay in and have a cozy game night with classics like Otyo, Monopoly, and Scrabble.
  20. Cooking Classes at Cook and Eat: Learn a new skill together with cooking classes at Cook and Eat for just 50k per person.

For those willing to splurge a little more, consider options like Busiika Park or Sundowners with Sunny Outdoors. With so many affordable and fun date ideas, there’s no excuse not to celebrate Valentine’s Day in style without breaking the bank. Whether you’re into culture, adventure, or simply spending quality time together, Uganda has something for every couple this Valentine’s Day.

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