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Daniella Atim’s Instagram Post Unveils 11 Shocking Truths About Abusive Marriages



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In a brave move, Daniella Atim, who knows the sting of a toxic marriage all too well, took to Instagram to share her hard-won wisdom on advising women trapped in abusive relationships.

Reflecting on her own journey from escaping an abusive ex to now thriving as a single mom in the Midwest, Daniella kicked off her post with a poignant moment of introspection.

But it’s her no-holds-barred list of 11 things she’d never tell any Christian or church woman in an abusive marriage that’s got tongues wagging:

  1. “It’s just a spiritual attack.” (Spoiler alert: It’s not; he’s just toxic.)
  2. “You’ll ruin your kids if you leave.” (False. Your kids will thank you.)
  3. “Did you read that book about marriage?” (Forget the books; watch out for red flags.)
  4. “Be patient.” (Translation: If they do it once, they’ll do it again.)
  5. “For better or worse.” (Jesus doesn’t want you to suffer.)
  6. “It’s just a season; things will get better.” (Spoiler: Abuse only escalates.)
  7. “Are you desirable to him?” (Because questioning your worth is totally healthy, right?)
  8. “How is your sex life?” (Because clearly, that’s the only important aspect of marriage.)
  9. “What will society think?” (Who cares about the judgmental snobs?)
  10. “You have it going well for yourself.” (Nope, you deserve better.)
  11. “He is just young and will get better as he grows…” (Newsflash: He’s just an asshole.)

Daniella Atim’s parting advice? “Dear church girl, guard your heart. If that brother doesn’t know God, tread carefully.”

But that’s not all! Daniella’s bold move doesn’t stop with Instagram. She’s also launched a YouTube channel, where she promises to spill all the tea on her tumultuous journey with Jose Chameleone, from dating to marriage to separation.

Their 16-year union was marred by abuse, and Daniella isn’t holding back. With heavy hitters like Sheebah Karungi and Judith Heard already tuning in, it’s clear that Daniella’s truth bombs are hitting home for many.

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