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Diana Museveni Kyaremera Biography; age, husband, children, net worth, reason for divorce



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Diana Museveni Kyaremera: A Life of Purpose and Advocacy

Diana Museveni Kyaremera, the daughter of Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni and First Lady Janet Museveni, stands as a prominent figure in her own right, marked by a dedication to business acumen and unwavering advocacy for social causes close to her heart.


Born into the heart of Ugandan politics and leadership on April 8th, 1976, Diana’s journey has been defined by a blend of responsibility, resilience, and a commitment to making a positive impact on her community.


As the Managing Director of Museveni family businesses, Diana wields a considerable influence in overseeing all private ventures undertaken by the first family. Her acumen in the business realm has been honed through years of experience, guiding enterprises towards success and sustainability. Yet, her impact extends far beyond the boardroom.


Driven by a deep-seated passion for education, mental health awareness, women’s rights, and environmental conservation, Diana has tirelessly championed these causes. She understands the transformative power of education, viewing it as a cornerstone for societal progress and individual empowerment. Through various initiatives and programs, she has worked to expand educational opportunities for the youth, believing that every child deserves a chance to flourish.

Her advocacy for mental health reflects a profound empathy for those facing internal battles often unseen by society. By breaking the stigma surrounding mental health issues, Diana seeks to create a more compassionate and understanding environment for those in need. Her efforts have sparked conversations and initiatives aimed at providing support and resources for mental well-being across Uganda.

In the realm of women’s rights, Diana stands as a beacon of empowerment. She believes fervently in the equality and agency of women, working to dismantle barriers that hinder their progress. Through partnerships with organizations and grassroots movements, she has advanced initiatives promoting women’s education, economic independence, and political representation.

Environmental conservation holds a special place in Diana’s heart, recognizing the urgent need for sustainable practices to protect Uganda’s natural heritage. She advocates for responsible stewardship of the environment, urging for initiatives that balance development with ecological preservation for future generations.

Despite her public roles and responsibilities, Diana Museveni Kyaremera remains a private individual who values a low-profile life.


In 2022, she made headlines with the announcement of her divorce from her husband, Geoffrey Kamuntu, a businessman. Requesting privacy and respect for her family during this personal transition, she also applied to drop her husband’s name, signaling a chapter of personal evolution and self-assertion.

On 9th March 2024, Diana Kyaremera, confirmed the dissolution of her marriage with businessman Geoffrey Kamuntu after nearly 18 years together.

Despite her efforts to maintain privacy, Kyaremera felt compelled to address the public regarding the dissolution of her marriage, citing the need to clarify the situation for the sake of her children.

“I have tried to keep my divorce private and out of the public sphere for the sake of my children,” Kyaremera stated.

“However, I feel the need to clarify now.”

Accompanying her statement was the presentation of the “Decree Nisi,” confirming the legal termination of her marriage, which was issued in 2022.

“As you all know, divorce is a very difficult thing, especially when there are children involved,” she added, emphasising the emotional toll of the process.

While grappling with the challenges of separation, Kyaremera appealed to the public for their support during this trying time.

“I ask that the public continues to pray for my family as we move forward from this difficult time and that you will respect our privacy,”she stated.

In 2022, Diana formally applied to NIRA to drop the use of her husband’s name, “Kamuntu”.

She stated her preference to be known as Diana Museveni Kyaremera.

Diana, the president’s youngest child, serves as the managing director of Museveni family enterprises and supervises all private ventures of the first family.


She married Kamuntu on July 24, 2004, and they have three children, two boys, and one girl. In a previous interview, Diana recounted meeting Kamuntu at her sister Natasha Karugire’s home and instantly being drawn to his tall and handsome demeanor.


Drawing from the wisdom passed down by her mother, Janet Museveni, and her elder siblings who had already taken the plunge into matrimony, Diana felt a sense of preparedness for the joys and challenges of marriage. She acknowledges that, despite the inevitable differences and challenges that arise in any union, the foundation of every successful marriage lies in faith and mutual understanding. “You are two different people with your own issues and egos. So, there is bound to be differences,” she reflects. “Even though the advice many people give may seem cliché, it is true. The foundation of every marriage is God because it is He who helps you stick together.”

The birth of her first child, a daughter, marked a new chapter of immense joy and added responsibility for Diana. Subsequently welcoming two sons into the world, she found herself balancing the duties of a loving wife and devoted mother with a newfound venture into entrepreneurship during her second pregnancy.

Reflecting on the challenges and rewards of motherhood, Diana shares, “Any mother will tell you it’s challenging looking after young children much as it’s very rewarding and fulfilling. My children are the reason I get out of bed every day. They are the joy of my life.” Her daughter, now 16 years old, embodies her mother’s spirit with a love for dressing up, baking, and a keen skill with her hands. In contrast, her boys, aged 14 and 12, bring a dynamic energy and vitality to their home.

As a mother of both boys and girls, Diana recognizes the unique joys and challenges each brings. Leveraging her own experiences, she offers counsel to prospective parents, emphasizing the profound responsibility and honor of parenthood. “I personally think that motherhood is the hardest job in the world but also the most rewarding,” she advises. “It’s not something you enter into lightly. You will invest emotions for a lifetime. You have got to be ready to give time and attention. It might be difficult in the beginning but it’s an honor to be a steward for another person.”

In her journey of love, family, and wisdom, Diana Kamuntu stands as a beacon of grace, faith, and unwavering dedication to the values that define her. From her deep-rooted faith to her commitment to family and her passion for entrepreneurship, she continues to inspire those around her with her gentle strength and profound love for her loved ones.

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