In an unprecedented revelation that has sent ripples through both the entertainment industry and political circles, popular musician Kenzo dropped a bombshell during his electrifying Eid performance at the Comedy Store event held at UMA Grounds, Lugogo. Amidst his captivating set, Kenzo took a moment that turned the festive atmosphere into one of disbelief and excitement as he disclosed his intimate connection with none other than Minister Phiona Nyamutoro.

“Hon Nyamutoro is my personal person, and we have a kid together,” Kenzo announced, letting the proverbial cat out of the bag. The statement sent the crowd into a frenzy, with cheers and ululations echoing throughout the venue, marking a moment that those present are unlikely to forget anytime soon.

This revelation not only adds a new layer to Kenzo’s public persona but also thrusts Minister Phiona Nyamutoro into the spotlight, blending the lines between personal affairs and public figures. Minister Nyamutoro, known for her stoic and composed demeanor, has yet to respond to Kenzo’s public declaration, leaving many to speculate about the nature of their relationship and the implications it may have on their professional lives.

The couple’s decision to keep their relationship and parenthood under wraps until now has sparked a myriad of reactions from fans, political analysts, and the general public. Social media has been abuzz, with netizens expressing their surprise, support, and curiosity about the details of Kenzo and Nyamutoro’s relationship.

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