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How to Borrow Money Online in Uganda: Here are Nine Mobile Apps that Lend Money Instantly Without Collateral



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While the world grapples with the ongoing challenges of the COVID-19 crisis, financial difficulties persist, affecting many aspects of our lives. Escalating fuel and food prices have placed a strain on disposable income, compelling individuals to operate within tight budgets. In such situations, traditional banks may subject you to extensive paperwork, documentation, and high-interest rates.

Rather than relying on conventional approaches, such as borrowing from friends or family or tapping into emergency funds, consider the convenience of obtaining a quick loan. In today’s digital age, fintech and financial platforms offer low-interest and collateral-free loans within minutes, providing a viable solution to urgent financial needs.

Here are nine top platforms in Uganda, in no particular order, where you can access low-interest, collateral-free loans:

1. QuickSente

Loan Features:

  • Loan Amount: UGX60,000 to 500,000UGX
  • Interest Rates: 12% for 180 days

How to Use QuickSente:

  1. Download the App:
    • Find QuickSente on the Google Play Store and download the app on your Android device.
  2. Install and Register:
    • Install the app and register using your personal details, including your mobile number and email.
  3. Loan Application:
    • Complete the loan application within the app, providing necessary information.
  4. Approval Process:
    • Wait for the approval process; QuickSente typically offers instant loan decisions.
  5. Loan Repayment:
    • Once approved, adhere to the repayment schedule, including covering any mobile money transaction fees.
  6. Further Assistance:
    • For more guidance, refer to the official guide provided by QuickSente on obtaining instant loans through their platform.

2. MobizPay

Loan Features:

  • Loan Amount: UGX500 to 3,000,000UGX
  • Interest Rates: 10% monthly

How to Use MobizPay:

  1. App Download:
    • Download the MobizPay app from the Google Play Store and install it on your device.
  2. Registration:
    • Register on the app, providing necessary personal details.
  3. Loan Application:
    • Apply for a loan within the app, specifying the desired amount.
  4. Loan Approval:
    • Await the loan approval process, which is typically quick.
  5. Product and Service Integration:
    • Explore MobizPay’s additional features, such as product and service listings, airtime and data purchases, bill payments, and more.
  6. Funds Transfer:
    • Transfer the approved funds to your mobile money or bank account as needed.
  7. Additional Information:
    • For more details on MobizPay’s personal and business loans, visit the official website for comprehensive information.

3. ManguCash

Loan Features:

  • Payment Period: 8 days

How to Use ManguCash:

  1. App Exploration:
    • Visit the official ManguCash website to gather information about their loan services.
  2. Application Process:
    • Apply for an instant loan through the app, providing required details.
  3. Interest and Repayment:
    • Understand the interest rates and repayment dates associated with the loan.
  4. Customer Reviews:
    • Acknowledge customer reviews, highlighting the speed of loan approval despite ominous details regarding interest calculation.
  5. Official Website:
    • For terms of service and related information, refer to the official ManguCash website.

4. Numida

Loan Features:

  • Target Audience: Small and micro businesses
  • Loan Range: $100 to $5,000

How to Use Numida:

  1. App Download:
    • Download the Numida app from the Google Play Store and install it on your device.
  2. Business Details:
    • Sign up with your business details within the app.
  3. Mobile Money Requirement:
    • Ensure you have a mobile money number registered in your name to receive the loan.
  4. Loan Access:
    • Access unsecured growth and working capital for your business.
  5. Reviews:
    • Numida stands out with positive reviews both on the Play Store and offline through word of mouth.

5. Platinum Credit

Loan Features:

  • Loan Products: Civil servant loans, salary advance loans, personal loans, MobiLoan (quick collateral-free loans)
  • MobileLoan Maximum: Up to 50 million shillings

How to Use Platinum Credit:

  1. MobileLoan Access:
    • Dial *249# to access MobiLoan, Platinum Credit’s quick collateral-free loan product.
  2. Follow Prompts:
    • Follow the prompts on your mobile device to navigate through the loan application process.
  3. Loan Repayment:
    • Adhere to the repayment schedule for your MobileLoan.
  4. Alternative Loan Products:
    • Explore other loan products offered by Platinum Credit based on your financial needs.

6. Airtel Wewole

Loan Features:

  • Customer Loan Range: UGX8,000 to 500,000UGX
  • Agent Loan Range: UGX100,000 to 1,000,000UGX

How to Use Airtel Wewole:

  1. Loan Application:
    • Borrow without saving or offering collateral by using Airtel Wewole.
  2. Flexibility:
    • Move funds freely between Wewole and Airtel Money accounts.
  3. Official Blog:
    • Read more about Airtel Wewole’s offerings on their official blog for additional information.

7. MTN MoKash

Loan Features:

  • Loan Range: UGX3,000 to 1,000,000UGX
  • Access Code: Dial *165*5*1#

How to Use MTN MoKash:

  1. Loan Access:
    • Dial the provided access code on your mobile device to access small loans.
  2. Instant Approval:
    • Instantly receive loan amounts ranging from UGX3,000 to 1,000,000UGX.
  3. Loan Limit Growth:
    • Grow your loan limit over time by saving through the MoKash service.

8. Airtel Quick Cash

Loan Features:

  • Application Fee: 2%
  • Daily Interest: 1% for 15 days

How to Use Airtel Quick Cash:

  1. Service Utilization:
    • Leverage Airtel Quick Cash when your Airtel Money wallet has an insufficient balance.
  2. Loan Application Fee:
    • Pay a 2% application fee and 1% daily interest on the outstanding amount for 15 days.
  3. Payment Facilitation:
    • Use the service to make payments and send money even with a low Airtel Money wallet balance.

9. MTN MoMoAdvance

Loan Features:

  • Access Fee: 2.75% of the overdrawn amount
  • Daily Interest: 0.5% on outstanding balance

How to Use MTN MoMoAdvance:

  1. Service Eligibility:
    • Available to MTN customers with a minimum of 6 months on Mobile Money and a positive credit score.
  2. Access Fee and Interest:
    • Pay a one-off access fee of 2.75% and a daily interest of 0.5% on any outstanding balance.
  3. Service Duration:
    • The daily interest is charged up to a maximum of 45 days for the overdraft.
  4. Usage Criteria:
    • Customers must pass credit scoring based on their Mobile Money usage and other MTN services.
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