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“I Could Fake Tears, but I Couldn’t Fake My Story”- Baby Gloria Quits Kampala Creme TV Show



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After just three episodes into the highly anticipated reality TV show “Kampala Creme,” viewers have been left reeling as one of its stars, Baby Gloria, announced her departure. The news, which caught fans off guard, came amidst allegations of scripted scenes and lack of authenticity within the show.

Since its debut on January 14th, 2024, “Kampala Creme” had quickly captivated audiences with its promise of offering a peek into the extravagant lives of its cast, including personalities like Etania, Zahara Totto, Mami Deb, and the now-departing Baby Gloria.

Yet, it was the tumultuous relationship between Mami Deb and Baby Gloria that had become a focal point of the show, garnering significant attention and speculation from viewers.

However, in a surprising twist, Baby Gloria took to her Snapchat to air her grievances, revealing her disillusionment with the show’s authenticity. In a candid rant, she expressed frustration over what she perceived as overly scripted scenes and a lack of genuine portrayal.

Responding to inquiries about her relationships with fellow cast members, Baby Gloria minced no words, labeling the show as “fake” and bemoaning the pressure to manufacture emotions, including tears, for dramatic effect.

For the 22-year-old singer and influencer, the breaking point came when she was asked to fabricate elements of her personal life. “I could fake tears, but I couldn’t fake my story,” she declared, announcing her decision to part ways with “Kampala Creme.”

While Baby Gloria’s departure sent shockwaves through the show’s fanbase, “Kampala Creme” has remained tight-lipped regarding the controversy, leaving viewers eager for an official response to the unfolding drama.

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