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Introducing the Bebe Cool List 2023!



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Ugandan music legend Moses Ssali, known as Bebe Cool, has released his annual list showcasing the top-performing artists of the year 2023

This platform serves to provide valuable insights and recommendations for improvements within the music industry. Here’s the rundown:

1. Alien Skin (Party, Twayiseko Dda, Binyuma Bitya ft Clever J)
Alien Skin, known for his unique style and confident attitude, has risen to the top with hits like “Party, Twayiseko Dda.” Mastering the art of social media and beef, he claims the Artist of the Year title.

2. Vinka (Bailando)
Vinka dominates among female artists with strategic collaborations like “Believe” and “Chekecha,” showcasing her prowess in the industry.

3. Dax Vybz (Believe)
Surprising many with his urban execution, Dax Vybz earns recognition for his vocal range and urban flair. A talent to watch if he maintains this direction.

4. Eddy Kenzo (Balipila Boda)
Eddy Kenzo’s signature style shines through with “Balipila Boda,” making a surprising impact on the audience.

5. Rema Namakula (Tonight)
Emerging as a young talent, Rema Namakula secures her spot on the list with the hit “Tonight.”

6. Joshua Baraka (Nana)
Joshua Baraka’s afro-beat sound in “Nana” captivates the audience, pointing him in the right direction for success.

7. Uga Boyz ft Selector Jeff (Salary)
Uga Boyz’s “Salary” stands out as a brilliant idea, resonating with the audience’s sentiments.

8. Omega 256 (This Year)
Breaking through as a ‘regional’ artist, Omega 256 proves that location doesn’t limit success. Congratulations and best of luck!

9. Vyroota (Risk, Ex twafuna Sente)
Vyroota emerges as the breakthrough artist, showcasing talent and melodies. A promising name to watch in 2024.

10. Omutume Planet (Kyaayi we’njaye)
Omutume Planet’s creativity with “Emboozi ya chairman” earns him a spot, despite the challenging followability of such songs.

11. Crysto Panda (Empele & Mukisenge)
Acknowledging Crysto Panda’s hard work and improvement, Bebe Cool applauds him for hits like “Empele” and “Mukisenge.”

12. King Saha (Money)
With a distinctive voice, King Saha lands on the list with “Money” and potentially “EBISSERA.”

13. Gravity Omutujju (Okwepicha)
Gravity Omutujju’s viral song “Okwepicha” makes an impression with its hidden meaning.

Gabie Ntaate (Cheza) and Titus Kuteesa (Ndimulokore) bring meaningful gospel songs that need more support within the industry.

Bebe Cool Collaboration Acknowledgments:
Bebe Cool recognizes impactful collaborations, with notable mentions to Carol Kasita, Fik Gaza, Fik Famaica, Hatim & Dockey, Ava Peace, Feffe Busi, and Jowie Landa.

The list appreciates the comedy sector, giving kudos to Alex for outstanding efforts in providing Ugandans with laughter.

In conclusion, Bebe Cool congratulates all artists on the list, offering free studio time and video opportunities to those mentioned. Wishing everyone a “Happy New Year!”

Moses Ssali, Bebe Cool

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