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Justine Nameere Defends Love Amidst Controversy Over Age Difference



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Uganda’s vivacious TV personality, Justine Nameere, recently introduced her new love interest, Kennedy Nsubuga, in a traditional ceremony on January 13th. However, the aftermath of this joyous occasion has been marred by a storm of online criticism and insults, primarily centered around the apparent age gap between the couple.

Allegedly fifteen years older than her newly introduced husband, Nameere has found herself on the receiving end of harsh comments and judgment from social media critics. Undeterred, she took to Uncut on Sanyuka TV to address the swirling rumors and defend her relationship with Kennedy.

Justin Nameere and husband during giveaway ceremony.

Nameere, with unwavering confidence, urged social media in-laws to cut her some slack, emphasizing that she and Kennedy are a perfect match who have found love. In her words, “My Papito is the perfect choice for me. My husband is blessed; he got himself a focused woman, not a slay queen, and I’m beautiful.”

Expressing bewilderment at the level of scrutiny her marriage has faced, Nameere believes the root cause is her husband’s undeniable handsomeness, which doesn’t sit well with her detractors. She dismisses the envious comments as baseless, asserting that her love for Kennedy transcends superficial judgments.

However, social media wasn’t about to let Nameere off the hook easily. Critics took to various platforms to voice their opinions on the unconventional union, questioning the age difference and expressing concerns.

Nameere, known for her fiery responses, fired back at her haters on Twitter:

Buyinza Aaron @BuyinzaAaron256: Literally your son!

@JustineNameere replied: Keep eating yo mother but do not project that on other people. Stop fantasizing about my cute husband, get yo mind off my marriage.

Kambugu 2 @2Kambugu: my worry was about giving birth since you are 45yrs+, but thank God you already have children from Raymond and Hakim.

Justine Nameere fired back: U wild pig, it’s not a crime to be 45 years, and I am not 45 years old. Hakim must be one of the buyers of yo prostitute smelly mother because eno tetumumanyi. I am happily expecting a bouncing baby with my Darling Husband. U can take yo jealousy and stick it up yo smelly mother.

MWESIGYE ALEX @mwesigyealex77: But why would one marry a husband who is 15 years younger????? Women style up, this is a defilement case.

@JustineNameere hit back: So bse u have a stomach the size of KCCA central sewage u believe proper-sized men are not men? U really think we can go for crappy looking dogs like u?! Yo simply overwhelmed by a beautiful couple and beautiful love story. Take police to first arrest yo mother bse look at u.

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