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Kayunga Man Returns Home 13 Years Later After Wife Receives PDM Cash



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Residents of Busolo Village in Kayunga Sub-county, Kayunga District were left astonished when a man who had abandoned his family for 13 years returned home after his wife received Parish Development Model (PDM) funds. Ms. Efulansi Nalubega, aged 49, recounted the surprising turn of events involving her husband, Mr. James Kisamba, with whom she has six children.

Ms. Nalubega vividly recalls the day in April 2011 when, without uttering a word, Mr. Kisamba packed his belongings in a bag and left the family in their uncompleted semi-permanent house situated on two acres of land. Initially hopeful for his swift return, Ms. Nalubega’s optimism waned as days turned into months, and eventually, years without any communication from him.

Despite facing physical disabilities, Ms. Nalubega persevered, engaging in farming activities to secure food for her family and crafting items such as sweaters and handcrafts for sale. Her resilience bore fruit when she was selected as one of the beneficiaries of the PDM program in Bukujju Parish. This lifeline from the government provided her with much-needed support to expand her maize growing enterprise, including funds for seeds, fertilizer, and a knapsack sprayer.

With the assistance of PDM, Ms. Nalubega’s fortunes turned around dramatically. From the two-acre maize plantation, she harvested a substantial yield, translating to earnings of Shs2.3 million. Buoyed by her newfound financial stability, she invested some of the profits into purchasing a brand-new bicycle and began renovations on the family home, including plastering and constructing a kitchen.

The unexpected twist in Ms. Nalubega’s life came last month when her long-absent husband, Mr. Kisamba, reappeared. His return, she admits, was the least anticipated event in her life. Despite the shock, Ms. Nalubega welcomed him back, citing his role as the father of their children. Remarkably, their reunion has been devoid of quarrels, with Ms. Nalubega now contemplating starting a small business venture.

The circumstances surrounding Mr. Kisamba’s departure and subsequent return shed light on the challenges faced by the family. Speaking to reporters, Mr. Kisamba attributed his initial departure to financial struggles, emphasizing the difficulties of life without sufficient means.

During a visit by a team of State House officials, led by Dr. James Tweheyo, commissioner at the RDC secretariat, Ms. Nalubega shared her journey of resilience and transformation. Dr. Tweheyo commended her unwavering determination and work ethic, acknowledging her efforts to improve her family’s welfare despite facing physical limitations.

However, concerns have been raised regarding the management of PDM funds, with Dr. Charles Iga, the Kayunga district director for production, advising Ms. Nalubega against allocating the funds to her husband. Emphasizing the importance of utilizing the funds to enhance household income and alleviate poverty, Dr. Iga cautioned against diverting resources away from their intended purpose.

In response, Mr. Godfrey Bakiddeawo, the chairperson of Busolo Village, emphasized the importance of marital harmony and shared responsibilities in achieving meaningful development within the household. He criticized the phenomenon of men shirking their duties and urged Mr. Kisamba to work in tandem with his wife to build a better future for their family.

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