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Nabbi Omukazi Exposes Ugandan Pastors as Fraudulent Deceivers



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Gospel singer Maggie Kayima, known as Nabbi Omukazi, has uncovered startling truths about Ugandan pastors, alleging that they are deceptive and fraudulent individuals.

Formerly a key player in the marketing efforts for the late Pastor Yiga, Nabbi Omukazi contends that Ugandan pastors present a façade of authenticity while hiding their true nature.

In a Google-supported exposé, she openly expressed her disillusionment, stating that discussing them seems futile, as she believes they are unlikely to change despite her revelations.

Having collaborated with the late Pastor Yiga, Nabbi Omukazi disclosed the church’s intricate marketing tactics, exposing how they manipulated public perception of her.

Allegedly, Pastor Yiga spread false information about her physical appearance, including an untrue claim that she had feet resembling those of a cow. Following Pastor Yiga’s passing, a series of revelations have unveiled the harsh reality behind the religious façade.

Currently residing outside Uganda, Nabbi Omukazi issued a stern warning to her fellow countrymen and women who put their faith in pastors, urging them to exercise prudence and skepticism.

Maggie Kayima aka Nabbi Omukazi

In a humorous social media post, she emphasized the need for discernment, saying, “I’ve tried to advise them, but they do as they please. If they don’t believe and continue, I will also continue doing well. Life is a journey… but oh my goodness, my people… the things they believe in are unbelievable .”

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