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Pretty Nicole’s Mother Breaks Down and Curses Daughter on Live TV



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Emmanuella Musimenta, popularly known as Pretty Nicole, has faced her mother’s wrath in a shocking public outburst.

Appearing on Hadijah Kigozi’s YouTube channel, Pretty Nicole’s mother did not hold back as she unleashed a torrent of curses and tears, expressing her deep disappointment and shame at her daughter’s behavior that has scandalized their family.

The heart-wrenching revelation came as Pretty Nicole’s mother disclosed that the family had taken legal action against a Ugandan man based in Canada. This man is suspected of being behind the release of private images and videos of Pretty Nicole, leaving the entire family in turmoil.

During the emotionally charged interview, Pretty Nicole’s mother recounted the distressing moments when Shafik, the man in question, contacted her. His anger reportedly stemmed from learning about Nicole’s relationship with another man, as well as her relatives discussing him in various media appearances.

“He called me and warned me to tell Emma, Nicole’s cousin, to stop appearing in interviews. If she didn’t, he threatened to expose my daughter,” Pretty Nicole’s mother shared in her emotional conversation with Hadija Kigozi.

“He claimed that these interviews were tarnishing his image in front of his superiors based in Kampala. He went on to reveal that he possessed numerous private videos of Nicole and threatened to release them,” she added with tears streaming down her face.

The shocking and heartbreaking moment was captured on camera, providing viewers with a glimpse into the turmoil within Pretty Nicole’s family. As emotions ran high and accusations flew, the live stream laid bare the raw pain and betrayal felt by her mother.

Viewers were left stunned as Pretty Nicole’s mother poured out her heart, cursing her daughter for the embarrassment and shame she has brought upon their family. The video of this emotional outburst quickly went viral, sparking a wave of reactions and discussions across social media platforms.

Witness the raw emotion and intense drama as Pretty Nicole’s mother confronts the devastating consequences of her daughter’s actions in this gripping interview. Watch the emotional exchange unfold in the video below:

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