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Upcoming Female Singer Accuses Chameleon of Sexual Misconduct and Drug Abuse



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In a shocking revelation, upcoming singer Sencere Music has accused legendary musician Chameleon of making rape advances towards her. The allegations, which were shared on Sencere’s Instagram, have sent shockwaves through the music industry and among fans.

Sencere Music, who collaborated with Chameleon on the song “Muliro” in 2021, claims that Chameleon demanded sexual favors in exchange for his participation in the project. She alleges that his refusal to promote the song was a direct consequence of her rejecting his advances.

“Chameleon is a rapist. For the project I did with him, he wanted me to sleep with him before I did the song. That’s why he refused to promote the song. He made me believe I had a problem, but the whole time he needed therapy. He attacked me today because I still refused to have sex with him over a song he asked to be on. God bless this man so he can see and not be a lying rapist,” Sencere wrote on her Instagram.

Sencere’s accusations extend beyond the professional realm, as she also alleges Chameleon engaged in inappropriate behavior within his family and is suffering from severe drug addiction.

“He slept with his own son’s granddaughter. To be real, guys, the legend is running mad. He needs help. He strangled me today and almost killed me. Please, let’s help Chameleon. He is on heavy cocaine. He’s running mad, and I can’t have him around anymore,” she added.

Sencere Music’s post paints a distressing picture of Chameleon’s current state, attributing his behavior to heavy drug use. She urges the community and his fans to intervene and help Chameleon seek the therapy and support he desperately needs.

The allegations against Chameleon have sparked a mixture of disbelief, concern, and calls for action within the music industry. Many are urging for a thorough investigation into the claims and for support to be provided to both Sencere and Chameleon.

For Sencere Music, this revelation is a courageous step towards addressing sexual misconduct in the music industry. Her allegations highlight the power dynamics that can exist between established and upcoming artists, and the personal toll such experiences can take.

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