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Paul Owori Sent to Luzira Over Fraud



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Paul Owor, also known as Hustle King, a former parliamentary candidate for Busiro South, has been remanded to Luzira Maximum Prison on charges of fraud, impersonation, and land malpractice. The decision came from the Chief Magistrate court in Entebbe after Owor failed to produce all the required court documents.

Owor’s legal troubles stem from allegations of impersonation, obtaining money by false pretense, and malpractice in selling the same plots of land to multiple unsuspecting buyers. The arrest occurred last December following a police complaint filed by one of the purported victims, Loyce Nahwera.

According to reports, Owor is accused of selling a plot of land to an individual shortly after conducting a similar transaction with another person. Both parties allegedly received fake land titles from Owor, suggesting a pattern of deceit and fraudulent activity.

The accusations against Owor include the forging of land titles, purportedly originating from Nasser Road, a well-known area in Kampala for its printing services. These counterfeit documents were allegedly used to deceive buyers and facilitate fraudulent land transactions.

Despite being summoned to appear before the police on January 26, 2024, to address charges of forgery and uttering false documents, Owor refused to comply, exacerbating his legal situation. Consequently, he was remanded to Luzira Prison, where he has remained for months pending further legal proceedings.

The case highlights the prevalence of fraud and malpractice in land transactions, as well as the consequences faced by those involved in such illicit activities. As the legal process unfolds, the authorities continue to investigate Owor’s alleged fraudulent schemes, seeking justice for the victims affected by his actions.

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