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There was foul play in Moses Radio death- Lillian Mbabazi



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In a captivating and deeply personal episode of Tusker Malt Conversessions, the multi-talented artist Lilian Mbabazi takes the spotlight, providing viewers with an intimate glimpse into her life, resilience, and dedication to her craft. The third episode of the second season, which premiered on both Tusker Malt and Swangz Avenue YouTube pages, officially kicks off the entertainment business of 2024.

Lilian Mbabazi, known for her exceptional talent and soulful voice, opens up about her experiences, shedding light on the challenges she faced and the transformative power of taking a break from the limelight. The 42-minute soul-baring conversation delves into the heart of who Lilian Mbabazi is and what defines her both personally and professionally.

The episode is not just about her musical journey but goes beyond to touch on the artist’s perspectives on life. Lilian shares poignant moments, including her deep love for the late Moses Radio and the suspicions surrounding his death, hinting at potential foul play. She expresses her frustration at the lack of a postmortem and her belief that there were hidden truths surrounding the circumstances of Radio’s passing.

She said; “I know there was foul play in Moses Radio death. When someone comes to a press conference and says we do not need a post mortem, then you ask yourself why? why wouldn’t someone want a postmortem carried out? I was so mad but I remember praying about it and God told me to just leave it alone. There are things I know that I can’t say on air becuase I do not have evidence but I know Moses [radio] death involved foulplay. Like the day he died, was not the day it was announced.”

During the conversation, Lilian Mbabazi also reflects on the genuine connections and relationships in Moses Radio’s life, suggesting that those who were not as close to him were the ones who truly cared for him. She paints a picture of a man with a void in real friendships, creating a poignant narrative about the complexity of relationships in the entertainment industry.

“He did not have real friends. The people that were not even close to him are the ones that cared about him so much,” she revealed.

The Tusker Malt Conversessions episode with Lilian Mbabazi goes beyond the surface, providing an insightful and emotional journey that adds layers to the artist’s public persona. It is a must-watch for fans and anyone curious about the real stories behind the headlines in the Ugandan entertainment scene.

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