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Ugandan Influencer Tells Men to Stop Giving Ladies Only Shs50,000 After a Date



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Hold onto your wallets, gentlemen, because Evelyn Mic, the undisputed guru of dating economics, has graced us with her wisdom on Twitter. In a groundbreaking revelation, she expressed her deep dissatisfaction with men who generously gift a whopping Ugx 50K after a date. Yes, you read that right – a staggering 50,000 shillings!

Evelyn, our financial oracle, broke down the financial sacrifice women make for a date. Brace yourselves for this financial rollercoaster: Ugx 200K on an outfit, Ugx 70K on makeup (because, you know, glam is non-negotiable), and Ugx 30K on a luxurious Uber ride. And what do they get in return? The almighty Ugx 50K.

She passionately urges men to consider the monumental expenses involved before daring to invite a woman out. Because, let’s face it, the struggle of deciding between a dress and a week’s worth of groceries is real.

Evelyn Tweeted: “Giving a woman 50k after a date night is not it men, what is 50k to a woman who came wearing an outfit worth 200k, make up worth 70k, uber of 30k plus her time, all just to come meet a man who is going to send her home with 50k, men please plan well before inviting a woman out.”

This profound insight from Evelyn has triggered a heated debate among netizens. Some argue that dates should be all about connecting on a deeper level, not about the sheer audacity of expecting more than the cost of dinner at a fancy restaurant.

A one Kenneth Waisswa  reacted; “I hope this is a joke. But if you are serious then let’s have it. Unless it was agreed upon a man shouldn’t give you a penny for having a date with you. A date should be a meeting between 2 adults getting to know each other. In fact you should even pay your half of the bill as well. As you spend your time, I’m also spending mine. A guy can be on a date when he has better things to do like watch football and you don’t see us complaining. As for the outfit of 200K here is my response to that. Is it yours or mine? Make up too. The only thing you should complain about is if a man doesn’t put in enough effort looks wise for the date. But other than that nothing. We choose to pay for everything on the date but we shouldn’t. Don’t act like you be doing us a favor”

Willy chipped in; “Monetize everything, but don’t forget as you grow your value tends to depreciate , a time will come when no one is willing to take you out . I find so many lonely well dressed ladies in restaurants lately.”

In a world where financial compatibility apparently trumps genuine connections, Evelyn’s sarcastic crusade joins the ranks of other luminaries like Sheilah Gashumba, who graciously enlightened us that a date is only worthwhile if the man coughs up a minimum of Ugx 1.8M. Because, who needs emotional connection when you can have your bank account do the talking?

So, dear men, take notes. According to the gospel of Evelyn, if you’re not throwing around stacks of cash, your chances of true love are as good as that Ugx 50K bill – small and seemingly insignificant.

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