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Speaker Anita Among’s Expensive Dress Shocks Nation- See How Much It Costs



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In the latest fashion scoop from the hallowed halls of Parliament, Speaker Anita Among has been spotted in what can only be described as a jaw-droppingly lavish ensemble. The talk of the town? Her stunning Hunter Coat Dress in soft pink molten jacquard, rumored to carry a price tag that would make even the most seasoned fashionistas do a double-take – a whopping 3,350 USD!

Now, let’s break that down for those of us who might not be fluent in international currency conversions. That’s approximately 12,485,875 Ugandan Shillings! Yes, you read that right. It seems Speaker Among isn’t just leading debates in Parliament; she’s also leading the charge in high-end fashion statements.

But wait, before you get too carried away envisioning the opulence, let’s dive into the public reactions to this sartorial spectacle:

Zziwa Ian: “The problems that we have in Uganda are caused by Parliament,” Zziwa Ian remarked, echoing the sentiments of many who feel that such extravagant spending is out of touch with the reality of everyday Ugandans.

Mosh Ibrahim: Mosh Ibrahim seemed unphased by the hefty price tag, instead focusing on the style and type of the dress. “Not bothered by the price but type and fashion,” he quipped, perhaps hinting at a desire for more avant-garde choices.

Kanye Can Give Her a Complete Makeover: A bold suggestion came from a fashion-forward observer who suggested, “Kanye can give her a complete makeover.” Well, if anyone knows how to make a style statement, it’s Mr. West himself!

Ritah Muwala Wa Bwanika: Adding a touch of humor to the conversation, Ritah Muwala Wa Bwanika chimed in with, “I think she really loves Front Buttons 🤔,” referring to the distinctive style feature of the dress.

While Speaker Anita Among dazzles in designer threads, it seems Parliament as a whole is under the microscope for its lavish spending. The #UgandaParliamentExhibition online campaign has been buzzing for a week now, with citizens exposing what they see as the veiled looting of funds disguised under CSR activities.

So, as the Speaker graces the parliamentary halls in her haute couture, the question on everyone’s minds remains: Is this a fashion statement worth celebrating, or a costly distraction from more pressing matters?

Stay tuned for more scandalous updates from the world of Ugandan politics and fashion

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  1. … are we going back to the French Revolution Time…of the Queen of the time Antonio who became blinded and very insensitive to the plight of the common man…and was obsessed by luxury led extravagant spendings.. life style no on is feeling jealous here,” in luo nyeko me kuch”… literally one feeling envious because the other is doing well,”….a big no..!!
    unfortunatly she ended up badly…..I pray yours shall be good ending…… with due respect Hon Speaker….such resources could be put to better use like the establishment of a babys home in your names for example…which you shall be remembered for better than the suits or at least support an existing one…so that as you leave that office even God Almighty… shall be pleased with you that the opportunities He as the Creator gave you as that beautiful, intelligent nalongo,. hard working daughter was well used….. that concept called Modest…is surely your way of doing things… which I know you for…God bless you, protect you, guide you… and given the opportunity one on one I would have shared more than this post… from the perspective of a senior citizen…is my take..be blessed and all these only makes me remember you when you were our good smart banker in Lira…


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